BeyondBoard AR Pro has reinvented the way we know bulletin boards. BeyondBoard embraces Augmented Reality technology to leverage your interaction with boards by using rich media and bypassing the barriers of space and location to reach your boards to your friends, teammates, or colleagues.

It’s effortless to create your customized virtual board, and after that, you can decorate and organize it with the following pins:

  • Sticky Voice Badges
  • Sticky Video Clips
  • Photographs
  • Sticky Sketches with the finger or Apple Pencil.
  • Colorful Sticky notes with Reminder Support.
  • Colorful Labels
  • Colorful Dividers

* TeamWork and Remote Collaboration*
BeyondBoard is a powerful tool for planning your projects or organizing important information for your groups. You can share your multimedia boards with near users and even more, you can share your AR Board URL with far users so they can join your board and add content to it remotely. Besides you can generate QR Codes for your note boards and print and attach it on the point of interests so people can join your boards by scanning your boards and if they follow them you can notify them about recent changes to your shared board. So it helps remote teams to bypass the barrier of distance and location.

Using BeyondBoards also makes it possible to overcome the barrier of space because you can’t have too many physical boards in your office, but with the help of BeyondBoard you can have the countless number of bulletin boards, and moreover, you can access them from anywhere.

Privacy **
All of your data is stored in your iOS devices and encrypted in your iCloud Account, So we don’t have access to your data at all.

BeyondBoard Tools Description

  • The boards are customizable; you can scale them or place them on vertical and horizontal planes or select corkboard or blackboard for the background.

-Clipping Tool allows you to clip with Photos to create authentic mood boards and wish boards

-Sticky notes: You can create sticky notes in vibrant colors then assign a reminder to the note, and It works with native reminder system of your iOS device.
-Transformation Tools: Scale, Rotate and Move any item in your boards

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This paper has accepted for  International Conference on Knowledge Management, Block chain and Economics


This paper aims to discover content marketing techniques to create online trust and to help content strategists develop an effective strategy. It investigates the role of different content types and techniques used to convey the message to promote knowledge among customers and their impact on the customers perceived trust. In this research, a quantitative approach was adopted; questionnaires were given to visitors of an Iranian online store specializing in video games. Eventually, 406 responses were received and analyzed by using structural equation modeling. The results show that different kinds of content and techniques conveying the messages of contents have a positive and meaningful correlation with online trust, though the effectiveness of all the content types and approaches was not verified. The results indicate that using the written reviews by experts, Twitter updates, video clips, news and step by step guides have indeed a significant relationship to online customer’s trust. Furthermore, entertaining and inspiring approaches to content messages have a positive relationship with online trust.

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ThingoTeam Announces Name Change to Humind Labs

Amir Reza Asadi, the head of ThingoTeam stated that”. the new name reflects new approach of company as an innovative startup studio.

Humind Labs Website

Humind Labs Logo reflects our human centric approach in technology