My friends and I are geeks who are passionate about mixed reality since 2008, but hardware and technology were not ready for our Visionary Ideas. In recent years hardware and software have made breakthroughs to realize these ideas. So we started developing our plans. At the current moment, we have released three AR applications:

-BeyondBoard AR Pro is a productivity software which lets you create limitless bulletin boards for pinning photos, videos, voices, and sketches.
– AR Artist Graffiti is a social network for graffiti artists around the world. Graffiti Artist can paint the walls, and other artists can see their arts on real walls. ( The Version 2.0 is under development)
-BeyondPass AR: It’s not a game nor a social network! It’s something more.
In designing BeyondPass AR we considered what an Augmented Reality OS should provide to the end-users, so we developed a lot of features in this application, most of the current mobile devices are not capable of running this app. So we postponed the project for a while.

And we are updating our current applications. Also, we are working on amazing ideas for using Augmented Reality in knowledge management, Knowledge representation, Art, and Gaming.

Founder: Amir-reza Asadi

Lead Developer: Reza Hemadi

Network Administrator: Mostafa Rezaeia